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2011 – Intermodal

RB’s project started with the aim to connect geographically suppliers and customers by integrating sustainable modalities of transport into their supply chains. We began focused in connecting the Benelux-Ruhr, Spain and South of France areas.

At that time, routes where historically only classic road freight companies were competing; RB decided to challenge the market and introduce a new way of transporting powdered and granulated materials. We became the first 100% rail bulk intermodal company in Europe.

2014 – Globalization

We have always been an ambitious company. We decided to challenge ourselves and expand our presence in other regions of the planet.
Our comprehensive expertise in logistics and engineering enabled us the opportunity to expand our goals towards the Middle East region and the United States of America. Our fist operations outside Europe were in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and in Jackson, TN (USA).

2015 – Innovation

In 2015 we decided to invest our resources in create an improved logistic concept: a door-to-door container-based logistics for the global bulk distribution of powdered materials.

What started out as an idea turned into our most distinctive service: RB Discharger PRO.

2018 – Diversification

Upgrading the scale of our business is giving us the opportunity to handle bigger projects and at the same time maintain an excellent performance.

Our evolution has continued unbeatable, our ongoing learnings from different markets and regions lead our expansion. RB quickly diversified its range, offering a broad portfolio of services around all types of logistics tools: Covered Hopper Cars, PD Railcars, ISO Box Containers, Dry Bulk Tankers, Storage Silos and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers.

2024 - Today

Driven by this belief that the best is yet to come, today, RB is a global logistics service provider, where innovation, success and progress are guaranteed.


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